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Procrastination… (a.k.a. I’ll think of a better title tomorrow)…


If you’ve seen my house, you’ll know I’m a procrastinator.

Or is that just a lazy thing? Really, I’ll never be remembered for my cleaning abilities.

No one will ever be at my funeral service reminiscing about how clean my floors were. Nowhere in my eulogy will it be mentioned how dust-free my household surfaces were.

Procrastination? Let’s just say I love having friends & family over at our place – it gives me a reason to clean!! Last minute, if you get my drift (just don’t open any closet doors! Avalanche!).

If you’ve ever worked with me on a project, you’ll know that I’m way better under pressure and get the job done in the last few minutes before a deadline (or right before the guests show – see above paragraph!)…

And while this is something honed throughout my years (and kinda perfected during my time in university!), what drives me absolutely insane is that I’m starting to see it in my kids.

Every morning before school to be exact.

Not all three of them everyday.

But most days and I can name two off the top of my head (and especially one in particular) that waits until the last minute to get crap done.

Let me give you an example of a typical morning (keep in mind, we leave the house around 8:05 for school)…

7:16 – I yell at the kids (sorry… call sweetly to the apples of my eye) to come have breakfast.

7:20 – another call.

7:21 – if Jason is around, he ends up yelling at them to come have breakfast.

7:28 – breakfast is being eaten… or we’re getting very close to having food infront of all three…

7:33 – one is done breakfast and is downstairs getting ready (for those of you who don’t know, we’re undergoing renovations and I’m down to one bathroom for five people. Did I mention that four of those people are male? I digress… another story for another post)

7:35 – the youngest is done and downstairs brushing teeth and claiming to wash his face – which he NEVER does. What is up with that? I think he seriously does it to get my goat. And then we have to go into the whole routine of me trying to wash his face for him and him fighting me every step of the way.

7:39 – the oldest is still eating breakfast and suddenly perks up out of his grumpy mood (because of course it is a school day!) and proceeds to tell everyone within hearing about some subject – usually about how he can make different words with his cereal, or what he did in the last level of video games to get him THIS CLOSE to the whatsitsthingy level or how he thinks he saw two snowflakes that were the same last week sometime…

7:43 – the oldest is still eating. Middle kid is dressed and packing his bag. Youngest is in his room, still whining over having his face washed.

7:45 – third time the oldest has been asked to hurry up and eat. Middle kid is playing lego in his room. Youngest is looking for ginch. We start the timer on the oven – oldest boy has two minutes to finish eating and head downstairs to get teeth brushed, etc.

7:48 – the oldest is downstairs, brushing his teeth with the door locked. Youngest needs to use the bathroom. Middle one is playing with the cats.

7:49 – Yelling.

7:50 – I’m in the laundry room looking for socks for all three boys. Oldest is upstairs dressing (we pray). Youngest is somewhere in the house, yelling for vitamins. Middle one is chasing the cats.

7:52 – Vitamins are doled out. Socks are thrown at all three. The search begins for mittens & gloves…

7:53 – All three run around the house, chasing the cats.

7:54 – all three boys are downstairs trying to watch tv for some reason. Oldest doesn’t have socks on. Two others are missing their glasses. Oldest & youngest still don’t have their bags packed.

7:55 – Yelling

7:56 – pillow fight in a bedroom. I’m still searching for matching gloves.

You get the drift. Fast forward to the time we need to start to leave. Middle one is packing his lunch into his bag and getting his snowpants on. Youngest one is complaining that his glasses are dirty. Oldest one is playing with the cats.

8:05 – Oldest one now has socks on and is back to playing with the cat. Youngest is getting his snowpants & jacket on and is fighting me about putting gloves on. Middle one is dressed and outside with his backpack. He forgot his glasses inside.

8:08 – I’m out the door, with crying children in tow. Oldest one is still inside getting ready. Youngest is whining about how his hands are cold.

8:09 – in the van (had to run back in for glasses for both boys), ready to leave. Oldest is trudging out to the van (I’ll find out later he forgot his homework folder). Youngest refuses to put his seatbelt on.

Now this isn’t the way things go every morning. And it isn’t always the same kid being a goof and putting things off until the last minute. But this is the way it plays out most times, give or take a few explosions and implosions.

I wish I could get them organized and more on the ball so things wouldn’t be so stressful for me – and especially for them – in the mornings. Not a good way to start the day.

Of course I was thinking of all of this while I was painting bedrooms today. A project I started about two years ago and still haven’t finished.

Moral of the story? Ummmm…. probably something about the pot calling the kettle yadda yadda…

Oh well, off to have a glass o’ wine.

I’ll think of a moral tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Procrastination… (a.k.a. I’ll think of a better title tomorrow)…

  1. loving your blog so far Tracy!! lots of lols. What about maybe getting all their clothes, gloves etc; organized the night before and have it all by the door for the way out. Make them get dressed before eating? Thanks for the heads up for what’s coming our way soon, I’m feeling more prepared thanks to you!
    oh and I think it’s a great thing if you’re not remembered for cleaning when you die. Means you spent more time enjoying your kids : )

    • Hey, Kathryn;
      Thanks for reading my rants!
      I like to get the kids dressed after they eat – if you’ve ever seen my kids eat, you’d understand why! They also wear uniforms to school, so the clothing options are limited in case of a spill, etc.
      And the organizing of the gloves is something I try to do daily, but it doesn’t always work out…
      I’m just going to dream of summer – I can’t wait! No gloves, boots or mitts! Woo hoo!
      Thanks again for reading! Take care & keep in touch!

  2. These Blogs are so awesome!

    You know Mom’s laughing so hard at all of this thinking… “isn’t payback a bitch!” 🙂

    Keep em coming, puts a much needed smile on my face in the middle of the work day!!


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