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Zoinks! Jinkies! Jeepers!


 I’m still painting bedrooms. Oh man, I hate painting.

I used to think of myself as creative and a bit artsy-fartsy. In school I looooved drama and art. I used to love drawing. I still doodle all the time and love to colour with the kids.

But I can NOT wait for this project to be done! What was I thinking, tackling two bedrooms at the same time – and a bunch of different coloured paints to boot. Ugh.

Two years later, I kid you not, and I’m still working on it.

I need you to know that I haven’t been working constantly on this. Just know that there was a gap of about a year in progress being made in the rooms. I took a break. A BIG break.

Part of the creative process, is what I like to call it.

Anyhoo, after a couple of hours of painting – and applying yet another frigging coat of paint to a wall – you start to get into a Zen state of mind.

I think I was working on my fourth coat of bright yellow when I started brainstorming an idea for this blog.

It’s just a huge piece of fluff (yeah, because everything else I’ve written is sooo deep, serious and earth-shaking!).

I digress.

I plan to do a Scooby-Doo theme in my youngest’s room. He’s loved Scooby since I can remember. And I need to hurry up and get this painting done before he starts to like something else!

But I can’t believe how Scooby has stood the test of time! Did you know the first Scooby Doo cartoon premiered in 1969? And it’s still around. Not only did I watch it as a kid, but it has been reincarnated a few times over to appeal to a whole new generation.

I love watching Scooby Doo with the kids. I’ll watch any cartoon really, as long as it isn’t that Bakugan stuff. I don’t think I even spelled that right, did I? Who cares? It’s a horrible show!

I like the stuff that adults can watch with their kids. And you know that most of the humour flies right over the kids’ heads. It did for me when I was an ankle-biter.

I’ll watch Bugs Bunny now and realize that there was a whole bunch of stuff that I didn’t ever understand until I started watching again with the kidlets. 

That must be why my Dad would lay on the couch Saturday mornings, watching with us. He loved them too.

Either that, or he was too hung over to sleep. I’ve been there. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. You never sleep well when you’re hung-over. But what’s better than mindless entertainment when you’ve had a few too many beers the night before? Bugs Bunny & Scooby Doo is the way to go!

But it’s not just mindless entertainment. I mean, I didn’t realize how much classical music I learned from watching Bugs Bunny cartoons! Remember the Barber of Seville bit with Elmer & Bugs?

“Why are you so vexed, can’t you see you’re next? Yeees, you’re next, you’re sooo next…

How about a nice, close shave, teach those whiskers to behave…”

I’m pretty sure they don’t say that in the original opera.

They might though – I don’t know Latin or Italian or whatever language it would be…

Of course a lot of people would probably disagree with me on the brilliance of Bugs Bunny. Some folks are pretty particular about their cartoons and what sort of shows defined their childhood.

I thought my brother and I were intense when we were younger. We would fight over the remote control. He wanted to watch He-Man and I wanted to watch Gem.

We would actually throw the remote at each other, we would get so worked up.

Bruises and blood-shed. Ah, childhood. Good times.

I think a bit of that carries over into adulthood. You guard your memories fiercely. Maybe you aren’t too fierce about cartoons, but go with me on this one.

Not too long ago on Facebook people started posting profile pictures of their favourite cartoons from childhood. It was great to see these images of old, familiar shows I grew up with.

One of my favourites was Battle of the Planets. Anyone? Anyone?

That was one cartoon my brother and I could agree on. Watch it now though, and all the luster is gone. The magic is destroyed. Seriously. What did we see in that crazy cartoon? The little guy, Meep, or whatever his name was, didn’t even speak. He just said, “Meep” all the time. It was like an animated Beaker from the Muppets or something.

A really bad one that just popped into my mind was Hercules. Remember that? Oh it was horrid! We used to watch it though, every morning before school. So I shouldn’t complain about the garbage my kids are watching I guess. I turned out alright, even though I’m sitting here in my basement writing a big essay about cartoons rather than doing dishes or making lunches for tomorrow.

There are some pretty good shows out there right now, speaking of catering to adults while they’re hung-over on the couch Saturday mornings, watching with the kids.

“Chowder”. Love it. Check it out.

“Ben 10”. Great show. New ones aren’t nearly as good as the old ones.

“Johnny Test”. Not bad. And Canadian, I believe. 

“Spliced”. Kinda stupid. Disgusting and weird. But the other day one of the characters in the show said, “Holy Milli AND Vanilli.” Is that catering to adults or is that catering to adults? My dear hubby on the other side of the room was tickled pink by that ’80’s reference. The kids didn’t understand what we were laughing at. Hopefully when they watch it again down the road with their kids, they’ll get it. I actually highly doubt that Spliced will be around 20 years from now. Just saying.

Anyway. I’m off to put my feet up. I have another day of painting ahead of me tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll come up with something a little deeper than using the creative minds of Hannah-Barbera & Warner Brothers for a story.

There’s five minutes you can’t get back! Sorry about that!

Now you know how I feel when a Bakugan cartoon is on tv.



5 thoughts on “Zoinks! Jinkies! Jeepers!

  1. ROFL!! Battle of the Planets! Classic…. until I bought the DVD’s a few years back and tried watching them…. OMG….it was crap!! Should’ve left it as a great memory… oh well… and the remote thing…LOL!! Why have I had head issues?? hmmmmm…… 🙂

    • You are so funny, Shawn!
      And we might have fought like cats & dogs, but we had our fun too.
      I’m not even going to talk about the director chairs! Haha!

      • AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ahhhhh…. the director chairs…. seriously how did we survive childhood? 🙂 and yeah…. great times!!

  2. Herc was great, Herc was great!I can still make the monster noise, they all sounded the same. Don’t forget Rocket Robin Hood, now that was a classic, Tuck always eating the same 3 things over and over.

    • Hey Grant! What was the name of Herc’s little buddy, the centaur? On the tip of my tongue…
      I was going to write about Rocket Robin Hood too! Had to be the same creators, don’t you think?
      Oh yeah, that was classic stuff we watched as kids.
      Reeeeeeaaaally educational.
      Like a modern day Pokeman or Bakugan…. speaking of which, the middle one is up right now watching Pokemon.
      Time for a shower or coffee or breakfast… anything to leave the room!

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