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Going, Going, Gone…


I could be talking about my mind right now with a title like that.

But I was actually thinking of all the stuff I’m missing in my house this week.

I could blame it on the renovations that seem to constantly be happening around here. We moved in two & a half years ago, and things are still ‘in the works’. I know there are always things to be done in a house – whether it’s new or old, you always have ‘stuff’ needing to be tackled in a home.

The renos aren’t to blame today.

It’s the children.

Let’s start with the PVR, shall we? That miraculous, life-changing little gadget that makes me zing through all commercials, it records all the kids shows while they’re at school & activities and even has a bit of space left over to save some of my shows while I’m busy with the kids.

That is until my children learned to use the remote control.

They deleted my series recording of Grey’s Anatomy. Now this series recording idea is fantastic! I don’t have to get in front of my TV every Thursday and set up a recording. No no – this is slick! Just pop in my info and every Thursday, voila, a new episode appears on my TV…

Until the children learned to use the remote.

Yes, I like that they have their independence. They get up at ungodly hours on the weekend and head downstairs. They turn on the TV themselves. They can pretty much get their own breakfast. It is heavenly.

So I could have handled the Grey’s thing. Until I found out that they deleted a show that dear hubby and I were set to watch the other day.

The kids were all in bed; we each had a lovely glass of wine and had settled on our butts for the evening. Only to find out there wasn’t a thing recorded on my PVR… actually, there was stuff, but there wasn’t anything that we wanted to watch together. Don’t get me started on this topic!

Okay, I’m started on it.

Every night, when the kids are in bed and the coffee maker is set to go first thing the next morning (another great invention, may I say), I like to sit on my butt on the couch in front of my TV.

Dear hubby is on the computer some nights. Some nights he deigns to join me on said couch and watches a show.

We have to be careful what we see on the TV. It can’t be any reality show. It can’t be a ‘girly’ show like Grey’s. Don’t even mention the word ‘Glee’ in his presence.

And to be fair, I’m not going to sit there and watch sports. Or a show about explosions. Or that UFC show. Not happening.

So there are a few shows we watch together. Not too many. Which is okay, because some nights I have it in my mind that it is a ‘Glee’ night and that’s what I’m watching and that’s all there is to it.

I think that’s a huge reason for the new TV upstairs. Hubby can go upstairs and I’m left with my wonderful PVR.

Which is just the way I like it. It’s always better to have him out of the room when I’m watching a reality show (yes, I’m kinda hooked on Celebrity Apprentice. Actually, that’s pretty lofty for me. Usually it’s Flavour of Love or Rock of Love or Celebrity Rehab for my reality show of choice. Sad. Pathetic. Like a car accident at the side of the road, I know, I know. Can’t help myself).

So having hubby on another floor, or better yet, out of the house with his buddies once a week, gives me a chance to have a nice glass of wine, relax and watch my shows without a whole bunch of background griping & groaning (*sigh* as if that’s real, ohmygod, what a stupid show, *tsk* as if… get real… *tsk* holy crap)…

I enjoy having my quiet time with my PVR.

I might be forming an irregular relationship with this life-changing little jewel of technology.

Enough self-reflection. Back to my story.

So the kids had deleted the one show hubby and I deemed worthy of both of our attention. I won’t go into details here, but it ain’t no Modern Family. I’ll just say that.

Anyhoo. I could handle that deletion. No biggie. Probably a mistake.

But last night was the last straw. I worked hard cleaning my sty of a house all day. Picked the kids up from school, did the swim club thing for the middle one. Started my Weight Watchers last night and got home in time to put everyone to bed.

And hubby even went out last night! Woo hoo!

I could enjoy a quiet night ALL to myself! I was sooo ready for my nightly dose of couch potato-ness!

I plop myself down on the couch, wrap myself in a blanket (I really need a Snuggie!).

Didn’t have any wine, because of the Weight Watchers thing, but decided my PVR’d show of Glee would make up for it.

I click on the TV. Bring up the PVR menu and what do you think happened? The series recording of Glee was deleted!

I think I heard something in my brain snap. Like a twig.

I had to think fast – time for damage control! I quickly pressed the record button so I could record at least some of the show. I could figure out the issues later. I was able to save some of it, but sadly I missed the first ten minutes.

And then of course with PVR, I don’t like having to sit through commercials. So I went and did a load of laundry, started up the coffee maker for the next day, posted a little vent about my situation on facebook and came back to watch the recorded episode. Got through the whole thing in record time! Hooah!

But the ankle-biters and I are going to have a little sit down sometime today and talk about boundaries and rules for Mommy’s precious PVR.

Good thing they’re all still sleeping.

That’s another thing. Got up early today to do a video workout (see Weight Watchers stuff above). Thought I’d be good and do a bit of yoga.

I’m pretty sure we have a yoga DVD around here somewhere. I don’t think it’s just my imagination… but think I can find it anywhere? I know the youngest was going through our movies the other day. That’s how I found the fitness video in the first place! Think I can find anything now?

So instead of exercising, I’m sitting on my rump, writing to you.

Wonder what else I won’t find today?


7 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone…

  1. Snuggie….. 🙂

    • Right?
      Kathy had one when she came over for the Oscars.
      The idea sounds ridiculous (oh no, I can’t read this book because my blankie falls off my shoulders),
      But seriously – they look heavenly…

      • The leopard print one would totally suit you. And as an added bonus, I think it would hid the dirt, spills and cat hair well :).

      • Hey, Liza – leopard prints sounds about right in this household!
        I’ll keep my eyes peeled for one! Classy…

  2. PVR…best 40th birthday present EVER!

    On another note, I lost my Greys series recording last week. hmmm? kids or technology failing us?

  3. You do realise that J is right about your tv habits?

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