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Homework Sucks



I dread it. Maybe even more than the kids.

Homework. Even the word makes me slouch in my chair a bit and a strange dipping feeling happens in my stomach.

And having three to contend with every night for homework kinda sucks too!

Most days the oldest knows what to do. He’s been in the habit for a while now. He’s in grade three and knows to come home, hang up his jacket (haha, I kill me. Yeah, like he hangs up his jacket!), and sit down and do his homework.

He knows he needs to do it. Before TV, before video games – get the homework done. Usually we have some activity that pops up at night, so we’re really trying to instill the idea that if you get it done now, you’re off the hook and free for the rest of the night! Hooah!

Notice how I said ‘most days’ the oldest knows what to do? That’s when he isn’t busy looking for a pencil (in the same drawer they’ve been in for the last two years). Or looking for an eraser (same answer here too). Or he forgot his new words book at school. That gets me. And I can’t get too stressed, because if the boy forgets his book, he’s the one suffering the next day at recess because he has to stay inside and get his work done. But he still forgets his book. Drives me nuts!

The middle one, he’s more into the whining.

As soon as he comes out of the school he’ll tell me how he did on his test. And this kid has been doing so great at school lately! He’s getting high marks on his tests, no complaints from teacher, he has friends… that’s total success as far as I’m concerned!

But then it’s like a switch turns on and he remembers what is looming in his near future.


And the smile disappears and the whining begins. Today he actually started kicking snow. On me.

Oh and here’s a gem! Just to let you know how much this kid actually hates homework, yesterday morning he woke up and was grumpy. I gave him a hug, asked what was wrong and he spat out, ‘I have school today. And homework. Groan. Grunt.’

Okay, he didn’t actually say, “Groan, Grunt”, but you get my drift. Imagine the sound effects. Throw in a little foot stomping and the move kids make when they’re ready to blow a gasket. It’s kind of like the bending motion of a swimmer doing the butterfly stroke, but standing up. Jolting & bending their whole body & ending in a foot stomp. If you want to get fancy, add in some whining and maybe throw your hands in the air too.

And how long is this homework for my middle child, you ask?

Well, about 30-45 minutes.

If you take away the whining, procrastinating and arguing, it takes about 10 minutes. If that.

Oh and don’t forget the reading. Which he’s doing so well with! I’m really excited to see him reading and he’s totally into it. But he hates reading ‘decodables’. And I don’t have the strength to even go into these ‘decodables’ the kids have to read everyday. It only takes about 5 minutes to do it once or twice. But again the whining routine begins and… as I said. I don’t want to talk about it.

And then there is the youngest.

He looooves school. He’s so into being with his buddies and learning things and all the stuff that constitutes a school day! In fact, his parent/teacher interviews this year have been positive & delightful! A refreshing change!

I kid. The other two aren’t that bad…. ish…

But homework. Ugh.

And you might say to yourself – homework? For a kindergarten kid?

Yes. Homework. Chill.

I’ve talked to a LOT of people about this over the years since my oldest started school and it seems like just about everyone has homework. Some people call it review, I guess. But most kids come home with something to do at night nowadays. That’s just the way it is. The pressure…

At least we aren’t as bad as New York! Did you hear about the mom suing her daughter’s preschool because they didn’t teach her enough and her daughter wasn’t prepared for a hoity toity elite elementary school? Yikes!

Back to the youngest and his daily drudgery… I mean homework. Joy.

He has two new words a day that he writes out three or four times and now they’ve started these darn decodables too. Which is actually really cool to see a kindergartener reading. But I think I’d rather read with just about any other kindergarten kid in the school besides my own!

Everytime we read, it is like pulling my fingernails out. In fact, I think I’d rather do that. Dig my eyeballs out with a dull spoon. I beg you. Just don’t make me read with the youngest again if he’s going to do this – I’ll probably sound like a pushy mom here, but bear with me:

Mommy Goddess: Okay, buddy, read with me.

Turn page.

Youngest Child: H… huh…

MG: Sound it out. You can do it. Huh… huh… say the sound… huh…

YC: Get? Put?

MG: Nope. That’s an H. H sounds like huh. No G. Huh. Huh.

YC: Huh… e….

MG: Awesome. Yep. H… e… r… and silent final e.

YC: That?

MG: Nope. Doesn’t start with TH… it’s H… Huh…

YC: I DON’T KNOW… I can’t do it…

MG: Yes you can. Just try… Huh…

YC: I said ‘that’! That!

MG: Yes. But it’s not ‘that’ it’s ‘here’. The word is ‘here’.

YC: Don’t yell at me!

MG: I’m not yelling. The word is ‘here’. Keep going what’s the next word?

And then he’ll be great. The books have little pictures on them, and he sounds out other words, gets caught on some, but overall does really well.

Then he turns the page.

Youngest Child: H… h…

Mommy Goddess: Okay, this was on the last page. Huh…. huh… sound it out…

YC: Good? Get? Go?

MG: Nope… it doesn’t start with…


MG: H… H…

YC: H… E… Stop?

MG: Here. Here.


MG: The word is ‘here’. You just read it!

YC: Stop yelling at me!

MG: I’m not yelling, but I might start soon if you don’t keep reading.

YC: I’m not reading anymore (flips book closed).

MG: Fiiiiiiine! Stay in your room until dinner!

YC: (grunting, groaning, whining) Nooooooo! I want to play video games!

MG: Then do your reading!


And scene.

That’s my life. Glamorous, ain’t it?

And people have actually suggested home schooling to me in the past.

I love that. I love those people! They make me laugh.

Oh well, at least it’s almost the weekend! No homework for Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

And then we’ll wait until about 4:30 Sunday afternoon to get everything done & it’ll start over again.

The horror… the horror…


2 thoughts on “Homework Sucks

  1. ROFL!! Were we this bad?? I blocked it out…. I’m sure we were worse… or at least you were, I was an angel! Well…. in my own mind anyway! 🙂

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