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Pink and Blue


I was thinking of girl jobs and boy jobs.

A.K.A. Pink jobs and Blue Jobs.

That’s not my idea, calling these jobs by their respective colours. A friend of mine came up with that one. Wish I could take credit.

Now I’m sure some women and or men are probably out there rolling their eyes, thinking, “this is the 21st century! Get your head out of your butt and stop categorizing responsibilities! Women can do anything men can do and vice versa!”

And you’re absolutely right. I’m just kinda talking about things I don’t really want to do and I’m soooo glad there is someone else in the house to do it.

And I’m pretty darn sure my dear hubby would agree with this one.

Here’s an example. We have three boys plus hubby. And one toilet. 

Right now because of renovations in the house, we are down to one bathroom.

And one toilet. I know I’m repeating, but it really bears repeating.

Do you think my husband enjoys cleaning up that bathroom? I’m voting a big fat no on that one. But will he do it? Yep… ish…

I’m sure he is more than happy to pass the responsibility off to me. Is this a joy that fulfills my day? Not quite. But I don’t mind doing it. It has to get done.

Like taking out the garbage. Yes, I can do it, yes I have done it. But I really really like it when hubby takes charge and gets it done.

That and wrestling with the boys. I’ve definitely out-grown that. I get hurt. He gets hurt, but he still goes after those squealing little bundles of energy and turns them into pretzels!

Meanwhile, I might be doing the laundry. In fact, I’m most likely doing laundry. Which he hates.

And I’ll feed the cats, which isn’t even on his radar.

I make breakfast, lunch & dinner pretty much all the time. No biggie. I’m at home. I can handle it, even though some nights it’s a simple grilled cheese because I’m all cooked-out. I’m fried. Haha! I kill me.

But he’ll do computer stuff, take charge on taxes, mow the lawn… all stuff I can do. But it really is a nice thing to know someone has your back and will do it.

Are we setting a bad example for our boys? Will they grow up expecting their significant others to prepare them a meal while they retire to their man-cave?

I’ll smack them upside the head if they dare!

We know there are little eyes. And it isn’t as if hubby expects me to do this and that while he sits there doing nothing.

And in a household of five, everyone has to pitch in. Of course I wish my little angels would help out just a tad more.

And with less whining!

But hubby always asks if he can help. He cleans up after dinner, helps with putting away the endless piles of laundry, and he’s the go-to guy for sweeping floors. Just a tip ladies, he prefers Swiffers over a broom any day!

So what’s my point here? As usual, there isn’t really one.

Just filling you in on what was on my mind in the Pigeon Coop today!


6 thoughts on “Pink and Blue

  1. awesome! It if helps at all…. I do the cleaning and laundry in our house…. 🙂

  2. There are no pink or blue jobs only WE do jobs. As long as the little eyes see that the work is shared it’s all good. You might think of switching jobs once in a while either for variety, or to appreciate your own chosen chores.

  3. He probably should since the design of male and female genitalia make it obvious that females don’t miss!

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