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Save the Bunnies


I just want to say that I don’t plan to ever get divorced.

Not that I think people enter into marriage and think ‘yep, this won’t last. Divorce city.’

I’ve basically told my husband that like it or lump it, he’s stuck with me and I will find him and I will hunt him down and follow him to the ends of the earth. We will never be apart. Does a bunny boiling in a pot mean anything to you? He can never ever leave me and never ever get rid of me.

For love?

Meh… yeah, sure. That too.

But also because I do NOT know how you single mommies do it out there! I am not raising these three hellions on my own! There ain’t enough wine in Alberta for that!

And so maybe you’d say – yeah, but that’s because you’re with them all day long. You don’t get a break. You aren’t at work (well, hey, let’s be honest – I’m working, the pay just really sucks!)…

But me being home all day with these boys – you might be on to something there. That would be a good point.

But what about when all three of them have been at school all day? I see them from 3:00 until bedtime and most of that time they’re horsing around at school, horsing around in their rooms, horsing around downstairs and having showers (seeing as we’re down to one bathroom and minus any kind of bathtub while our renos are on-going) and watching TV and playing video games. Throw dinner into the mix and I probably see them for about a good hour or two from three until eight.

Of course HEARING them is a whole other matter.

Our house is a bi-level and it ain’t huge. Then again, somedays I don’t think there’s a house big enough for our group!

I hear every little thing. The complaining, the casual conversation, the whining, the joking, the tattling – even before they get to the bottom of the stairs in the basement to yell at me in the kitchen, I can hear them in the playroom bugging and bugging and then someone yelling, “I’m teeeeellllling!”

At least when hubby is home, I have someone else to yell at them to stop yelling… ummmm… or rather; politely ask them to be quiet and play nicely with their siblings… you know what I mean.

Even if he’s working at home and trying to concentrate on the computer and his files, I know that I can at the very least look over at him and roll my eyes, and he knows. He just knows.

As I’m sure you all know.

And obviously I do the eye rolling thing a lot. My children have started rolling their eyes at me.

That’s really adorable. Makes me want to shake them.

The reason why this whole ’til death do us part’ has been on my mind is because hubby is extremely busy over the next month – working long hours, driving all over the province and flying out of town. And of course outdoor soccer season is just around the corner.

This being Calgary, I kinda wish he was going to be around just so he could be the one to go stand out in the cold some of those nights, but the real reason I wish he was around is because I have all three in soccer and I’m scared. You heard it here first, I’m scared.

Just tonight for example; it took a village. Literally.

We had a hockey wind up party for the youngest. The four of us went and had fun. But 40 minutes into that, I had to pull the oldest out to shuttle him to soccer practice. Some of the moms at the hockey party promised to watch the other two while I scrambled for the field.

Then I had another mom watching the oldest for me so I could go back and hang with the boys while they had their pizza. I was actually pretty happy about that trade off, because it was starting to get chilly out on the pitch! Brrr!

I rushed back to the hockey/pizza party. The boys had a slice. I had a slice. All the ankle-biters starting running in the room and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Time to go.

Packed up and went back to the field to pick up the oldest. They called practice a little early because everyone’s bits were starting to freeze. Perfect timing! The poor team manager (the mom who watched my boy for me) was shivering uncontrollably!!

Oh yes, springtime in Calgary. Which, if you look up that phrase in the dictionary, means ‘non-existent.’

Back on track, back on track.

I seriously don’t know how single moms do it. Today I was on my own all day with the boys and then all night with the party and soccer and afterwards it was, ‘I’m tired’, ‘I’m cold’, ‘I’m cranky’ – and that was just me!

I kid. That was seriously the kids.

My dialogue was more internal, ‘wine wine wine wine wine’.

So now I’m FINALLY sitting down with a glass and writing this post.

If I were a single mom though, I’d be doing laundry and dishes and cleaning lego off the table and I don’t even know what else. But I can leave it for now because I know we’re just hanging tomorrow (if anyone tries to break into my house tonight though, they’ll turn around and head right back out – they’ll think the place was already ransacked!)…

In the immortal words of Scarlett O’Hara, “I’ll think about that tomorrow”…

But if I were working, I couldn’t hone my procrastination skills nearly as well as I’m allowed to right now. I’m spoiled rotten. I know it.

Don’t think I don’t appreciate being able to be at home and gripe about my kids, the renovations in our house and getting my volunteering done. Those are my biggest worries?

So seriously, any complaints you see on this blog, take with a grain of salt. I’m not always 100% serious about a lot of the smack I’m putting down on these posts. I know I have it pretty darn good.

I seriously don’t know how single moms do it. I bow down to you and kiss the bottoms of your shoes.

You single mommas out there are doing an incredible job and I hope you just know that your kids love you and you are amazing. You are strong, independent women. Keep going.

And when all those words of reinforcement fail to lift you up…

Pour a big ole glass of wine.

I think I’d better give hubby a big hug when he gets home.


4 thoughts on “Save the Bunnies

  1. You kill me T. I’ve been reading your blog for about a week – great comic relief. You could do stand up!!!

  2. I adore you T!!!! And for the record, from a single Mom point of view…. thank gawd I get to got to work during the day so I can talk to grown ups, and forget about the ‘ransacked looking house’ (and I do mean totally ransacked) I just walked away from. But that’s just one of things we live with daily…. cause at the VERY end of the day – I don’t really care about anything but alone time to watch my tv shows and that that big ol’ glass o’ wine 🙂
    The single Mom’s out there appreciate your understanding, and the VILLAGE that we count on regularly….without it we’d be stuck.
    Thanks goodness mine don’t play hockey…. That just might put me over the edge… is it too early for wine…??? 🙂
    Love your posts T LOVE them!!!!

    • Thanks, H – I appreciate your comments so much!
      I don’t know how you do it everyday! Seriously!
      I miss you like crazy – wish I were joining the Eastern chapter this weekend! As it is, I’ll be hoisting a glass of wine at the campsite and thinking of ya’ll!
      Take care!

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