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I Like Wine

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And white.

And bubbly.

And blush.

Not necessarily in that order, but Red is definitely the top. I need to capitalize that word, because I have such reverence for it.

Some people might think I have a bit of a problem with wine. Maybe I like it too much.

Impossible I say to you.

Sure, I might impose rules on myself such as, ‘don’t drink before hubby gets home. If you drink alone, people will talk.’

Okay, there are so many things wrong with those sentences; I’m not even sure where to begin. First of all, take tonight for instance. Hubby is on a trip overnight. Does anyone out there seriously think I’m going without wine all night because I’m in the house alone with three children?

And who is going to talk if I’m alone? Who will see me drinking by myself?

Another rule might be, ‘don’t drink until after four p.m.’.

Some days that applies. Maybe a week night. Then again, if we have soccer that night, I’m not drinking anything.

If it happens to be a holiday or it’s a weekend or it’s warm out or we’ve been working hard on the house or hubby is home early or we don’t have school or work the next day… we might break that rule. Especially if it is hot out on my back patio. And sunny. Then you know it is 4:00 somewhere and happy hour can commence!

Back on topic. I was planning to write a serious post about certain wines hubby and I enjoy to drink.

Like Red.

Just kidding.

I’m really not a picky wine drinker. Could you tell?

Hubby tried that for a while. I even bought him a little wine log book to track the wines he enjoyed so he could pick them up at a later date.

And we’ve gone to a few wine tastings at our local liquor store.

And at friends’ homes (I tend to call them ‘runaways’, but my friends feel like they aren’t contributing to my problem if they call it a wine-tasting I guess).

All I know is, I tend to base my decisions on the label and the name of the wine.

I actually read a study a while ago saying that this is the way a lot of women buy their wine.

I also know that I’m big into South African wines (thanks, Grant!), Argentinean wines and Chilean wines. Mostly Shiraz and Malbec. Cabernet Sauvignon is a usually a safe bet in my household. And I have some sort of mental block that prevents me from¬†remembering that Zinfandel is red. Doesn’t it sound like a fruity white wine? Or a blush, maybe.

And my good friend, Sue, recently introduced me to Prosecco. Yum yum! Love that! And did you know that a glass of Prossecco has one point less per serving (a.k.a. four measly ounces) with Weight Watchers than a glass of red wine? Good to know, don’t you think?

And the one thing I know for sure, without a doubt, no matter which type of wine you end up buying – the second glass is usually better than the first.

So push through the gag reflex on that $6 bottle you bought because it had an artsy-fartsy label and a sassy name.

Rewards are waiting for you. I promise. It will get better when the second glass is poured.

But keep the TUMS handy, just in case.


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