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I Says “Pardon”?


If I have to repeat myself more than once to any family member, one more time, I will snap.

If you are a parent, you don’t need any more explanation than that one sentence.

And especially if you are a mom.

In my house, the boys don’t listen to either of us, but I’m convinced that they listen just a smidge more to hubby. Maybe because I’m here all day and they are tired of listening to me.

While this listening thing isn’t anything new in my house, it is really playing on my mind lately because we’re supposed to be watching my middle guy’s hearing.

How do you ‘watch hearing’ you ask?

That is an excellent question. That was a pretty silly way to word my sentence.

Thank you for paying attention to my grammar. That’s the most attention I’ve received today because god knows no one in my family is focused on anything I’m doing or saying, that’s for sure!

Anyway, the boy.

A few weeks ago we were on vacation in Palm Springs (I MISS that place right about now – it was heavenly!). We had a pool in the backyard and the middle Pigeon was trying to grow gills with all the time he spent under the water.

Lo and behold, a few days before we were to come home to Calgary, he came down with a fever. The day before our return, I ran him over to the doctor and it turned out he had an ear infection. We were advised not to fly with him in that condition, yadda yadda yadda.

Long story short, we changed our flight (and by the by – I talked to my insurance today and guess what isn’t covered? That’s right, the extra $1,500 I had to pay to change our plane tickets. Surprised? Somehow I’m really not) and I had the boy checked by my pediatrician when we got home.

Turns out after two weeks of antibiotics the child still has a bit of an infection in one ear.

So the doctor turned to me and said to keep an eye on him and if it gets worse, to bring him back.

What to look for?

Ear pain. Check.

Loss of hearing. Say what?

How do you check loss of hearing in a child that doesn’t listen anyway?

And don’t get me wrong – it is not just the middle boy.

None of them listen to me.

Just yesterday, I was hoarse from yelling at them all – because you know what? After four times of saying the same thing and no one responding, moving or doing anything at all; yeah, I’m yelling.

And guess what? Then they move!

They aren’t happy and they get all pissy with me because I’m so mean. But at last someone is listening.

And I just want to say right now that this post will not be used as a sounding board for the issues I have with hubby and his listening. Not going to do it.

Right now I’m about to start the whole morning routine with these guys. Everyone is in a good mood – me too, actually. It’s a Friday, it’s casual day (no uniforms), and its hot lunch day (no lunches to be made)

Think we’ll get out of the house in one piece? Fingers, toes & eyes are crossed. Here’s hoping to a good start.

And if we can’t have that, my wine bar is completely stocked.

One way or another, Mommy is going to have a good day.

Oh yeah, I heard that! Hooah!


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