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Momma Bird is a Busy Bee!

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I feel bad that it has been so incredibly long since I last posted anything on my blog!

I apologize to my readers… all three of you! Thanks for your support!

It all started a few weeks ago with having two of my cousins come visit. That was a bit of a train wreck and I needed a few days to recuperate after that. I was exhausted and going through a bit of a drying out period.

Until the next weekend.

This included another night of drinking I do believe. Not an official Happy Hour, but a good time had by hubby and me regardless.

And then after that was May long weekend. Camping – yay!

The kids had a hoot and were almost in tears leaving our campsite. The adults had a pretty darn good time too.

Our schedule seemed to consist of waking at first light, pouring a Bailey’s & coffee and then proceeding on to beer at around 10:30. Then on to beergaritas (recipe to follow) by mid-afternoon and then wine for dinner.

And to top off the night, Tums.

In between all this partying and socializing, school is coming to an end and that means my volunteering has kicked into high gear. I figure if I’m not working out of the home all day long, I can be at my kids’ school and help out those fantastic teachers in any way I can.

Apparently that also includes helping out with field trips and memory book pages.

I’m swamped! And exhausted. Because don’t forget – there is also outdoor soccer going on right now and I strongly believe that there is a chart somewhere in the world (that I have yet to find) explaining why it is that the incline in kids’ activities directly correspond to the increase in Jason’s work load.

Has he missed some soccer nights? Let me put it this way – a friend told me the other day that there was a rumour on the soccer field that Jason and I were divorced and that’s why he wasn’t showing up to any games.

I’m sorry, first of all people – the season just started! Give me a break! He misses three games and we’re separated?

Secondly – if you’ve met me and my children, you would know right away that I would fight tooth and nail for shared custody. As if I would let Jay dump me with full custody of these boys!

So that’s why I’ve been lagging in the posting department.

Sorry for not being more on the ball.

Now I have to run and quickly clean the house before picking up some groceries and then the kids, get some laundry done, work on more memory book pages and host a playdate while getting invites done for a birthday party and then prepare for camping this weekend…



1 can frozen limeade

three cans of beer


  • Pour the limeade into a pitcher. Add the beer. Fill the limeade can halfway with tequila and pour that into the pitcher. Mix.
  • Fill four glasses with ice. Pour the beergaritas into the glasses.
  • Find a sunny spot outside and sit in a comfy chair (preferably with your feet up and sunglasses on your face) and enjoy!

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