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Don’t you hate when you’re lying in bed, having a great sleep all cuddled into the blankets and then for some reason you wake up?

And then your mind starts.

ALL the things you have to do today jump into your brain and you can’t get rid of it or turn your thought processes off and you end up lying in bed making mental lists of everything in your life whether they are the most piddly thing – like wondering if there are any spiders that crept into your room while you were sleeping to whether a different school would benefit the kids better than where they are.

First thing I need to do today is get grocery shopping.

Actually, the first thing I should probably do is stop spending so much on this computer, but that isn’t going to happen. So I’ll have to breath deep and try to get on to the next topic.

Groceries. Is there seriously a worse errand?

And I don’t mean the dentist or doctor appointment with the kids.

Actually, I guess a doctor appointment for myself with my legs held in stirrups while having to drag the kids along would definitely be a bad errand, but in a very different way.

I am not a shopper to begin with. And for those of you who see me in my hoodies and yoga pants (which I do not practice), you know that I don’t have an extensive wardrobe. I have been in my house for over two years and I still don’t have curtains on my living room window. Or my basement window, actually. Which is annoying, but have I done anything about that? Nope. I hate shopping. Especially when I have to drag the boys with me.

I guess you could say that mixing procrastination and a dislike for shopping leads to a sad result like a very boring wardrobe. And living in a fish bowl.

Of course my kids are in school and I’m free two days out of the week. Think I spend those days in the stores? Sometimes, but I can usually find an excuse to stay away.

Kind of how I usually find a million things to do in a day that keep me out of the gym too.

So grocery shopping is first on the list today. We’re off camping this weekend so I need to get the essentials.

First on my list is booze, but seeing as the liquor store doesn’t open until 10, I’ll get food first.

So I have my list, I have my bags and bins. Oh GAWD I hate grocery shopping.

Of course doing it on my own is a treat compared to having to buy anything with three boys in tow. That doesn’t happen too often nowadays, thank goodness. I can’t believe that was my life just a few measly short years ago. What an exercise in futility and pain.

So really, what do I have to complain about?

Give me a second – I’ll find something.

First of all, it is an experience that takes the better part of half a day. By the time you get all the food and other supplies, get through the checkout (where there is usually either a newbie on cash or some slowpoke in front of me needing to argue with the cashier about the cost of her green grapes. Really? $1.99 for a kg rather than $1.98? Go sista. Argue the day away. I’m just behind you, catching up on the important news with my trashy magazines. Did you by any chance hear that Charlie Sheen is apparently winning? He obviously doesn’t do his own groceries.)

And something I try to do is shop every two weeks. Or at least this is what I tell hubby to justify the exorbitant amount of money spent on food.

I feel the need to defend my money-spending ways at Superstore. I do.

Yes, prices have risen, and yes eating healthy is more expensive.

But I’m a stay at home mom on a budget (I use the term loosely, because we were WAY better on a budget before any of these kids were born).

Forget the fact that I’m running to the corner grocery store every couple of days to grab fresh food or an ingredient I’m missing for dinner. That adds up!

Anyway, I shop every two weeks so it’s a huge load. So I give the cashier my gas coupon for filling up at the Superstore (or Food for Less or Loblaw’s – what have you) gas station. Oooh! And I save $3.64! Yay! Now my grocery bill is only $358!


Now I know what hubby will say. He gets a little quiet and tries to choke out a requisite, ‘oh yeah. Okay,’ when I tell him the amount I just spent on food.

Because like I say – if you guys would just stop eating it, I wouldn’t have to keep buying it.

And he really does try to be good about the amount of money I spend on food. He’s trying. I think he’s worried for our future food bills. Three boys? I keep hearing it can be nightmarish and that they’ll eat us out of house & home.

No worries there now. They’re so picky, I really can’t picture anyone being a big eater. Except the youngest. Right now he must be growing – it is obscene, the amount of food this kid can pack away for breakfast.

I’m a little proud but freaked out at the same time, but I’ll share a typical breakfast menu of his:

Cheerios with milk or oatmeal

A breakfast sandwich consisting of sausage and cheese on an english muffin

A smoothie

One or two eggos with syrup


I digress. Back to grocery shopping.

I’ve left the building and am now trying to maneuver my way back to the van (which is parked quite a ways away because of course the parking lot is packed and I’m personally a creature of habit and just tend to park in the same area every time. I do not relish the idea of forgetting where I parked my vehicle, especially when I’m alone. That’s when shopping with children is handy. They aren’t yet on the sauce, so their brain function is a lot more powerful than mine and they can help with locating the family car.)

Nine times out of ten I have several cereal boxes perched on the bottom of my cart and ten out of ten times I usually have one or more boxes fall into the street as I walk ever so carefully to my van.

And my comment earlier about not having time to exercise comes full circle when I finally get to my car and have to lift the bins filled with cans and dishwasher soap into the vehicle.

Then comes the tedious job of unpacking groceries and separating meat to put in the freezer and cleaning produce and making room in the fridge and recycling packaging…

Too boring to even talk about here.

So let’s talk about errand number two on my list today.

Oh wait, I just saw my word count and I’m already over 1,100 words. I’ve tried to promise myself that I won’t blab on and on with my posts. It makes for a long time in front of the computer and I’m sure you have a million things you should be doing right now too. So I’m finishing. Get going. Go. Find something to do. I know you probably have a list too.

Off to find my bins and bags. Ugh…



3 thoughts on “Groceries

  1. I can’t believe Will eats that much for Breakfast!! LOL!

  2. I have to get groceries today as well. Remember around the outer aisles first, thats where the good stuff is. I hope you don’t need a ciabata loaf, since NOBODY in Calgary has them!!! BTW I think Charlie only buys groceries at the liquor store. I had fun shopping with you! So buck up Momma Bird!

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