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Kids Say The Darndest Things

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 Since I haven’t had much time lately to sit down and write a huge novel on my musings in this household we call the Pigeon Coop, I thought I’d steal some material from my son’s grade three class.

I’m working on memory book pages for the kids as keepsakes so thirty years from now they can bore their kids with non-memories of when they were eight.

And one page in particular has been standing out for me. There are some brilliant answers from these kids. It is a ‘Teacher Page’ where the kids are asked all kinds of questions and have to think of answers about their teacher this past year. By the way, the teacher in question is pregnant with twins! Very exciting for all the kids. And great for a few jewels of ‘wisdom’ from these little geniuses:


David & Victoria (it took me a long time to realize just who this little girl was referencing!)

Kashiman (they’re twins. One more name is kind of required, kid…)

Amber & Wesley (really? Wow!)

Alex & Mary

Kiyanna& Dustin (Is this a cross between Rihanna & Ke$sha?)

Catherine & Brody (Weren’t they a couple on ‘the Hills’?)

Juliet & Johnny (was he before Romeo?)

All pretty normal names… ish. And then my oldest has to answer his form:

Obi Wan and Darth Vader.

Nice. So proud. Laughed my butt off on that one though! Hopefully his teacher has a sense of humour about these things…

Next question:


She’d give me everything I want (again, from my child. Like you couldn’t guess that one, right?)

Do a good job!

Listen to most of the things they say

Read lots of interesting books

Use manners

Give them hugs every night

Telling them when they’re silly

To be the best mom you can be

And the one I love most?

Don’t let your baby drive your car.

That kind of sage advice applies for years and years and years I’m thinking.

More to follow. As I said, these last few weeks are so incredibly busy. Right now I have to go get ready for a field trip with my oldest son’s class today. I’m volunteering. We’re heading to the Fish Hatchery.

We have a Fish Hatchery? In Calgary? In the Prairies?

Bring it on!

Should be educational to say the least!

The grade one class has some fantastic answers to their questionnaire forms… stay tuned…


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