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Making a Molehill Out of a Mountain



The word makes me shudder.

And I’m constantly surrounded by it.

I hear of girls that need to change their clothes three times a day. My boys might be up there with the girls somewhere.

Not only do they wear a uniform to school that is automatically thrown into the laundry, but add to that the clothes they wear when they come home (for three hours before bedtime and then those are thrown in the laundry) and the soccer uniforms worn two or more times a week (that automatically need to be thrown in the laundry because it was on their body), and then pajamas, and don’t even get me started on undies and socks… multiplied by three kids… that’s a lot of clothes!

And usually they’re all over the bedroom floors.

Mine included.

We moved from a huge two story house with a walk in closet to a bi-level.

It is a fabulous neighbourhood and we’ll never leave this area (sorry neighbours, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing my boys fighting in our backyard and them me screaming at them from inside my house, but we’re here to stay).

So yeah, the community is kick-ass, but my bedroom closet leaves much to be desired. We lament its lack of space almost weekly. Sadly though, in the hierarchy of renovations around here, the master closet rates around the area of us installing an actual wine cellar.

Like wine ever lasts long enough around here for us to put it in anything resembling a ‘cellar’.

Mmmmm…. wine.

So needless to say I feel like a huge hypocrite yelling at the boys to clean the clothes off their floors and dressers and shelves and beds and toys when my own room usually looks like a bomb went off in it.

And it isn’t just the problem with my closet. It’s that I have a pattern for my laundry routine. A schedule, if you will.

But rarely in a day do I ever get a chance to complete all three steps in my very intricate routine:

  1. Wash the clothes
  2. Dry the clothes
  3. Put away the clean clothes

Sounds so incredibly simple, I don’t know why I can’t train my cats to do it for me.

Let’s investigate this further and figure out why I can’t seem to progress from step one to step three.

Like I said, it’s intricate.

Okay, so usually first thing in the morning I’ll throw a load in the washer.

That is, if there isn’t already a mound of wet clothes in there from the night before. And I find with my front load washer – which I love – I must state that right now. I loooove my front load washer and dryer. 

In fact, my affection for these lovely laundry machines might actually rate right there in between two of my own children in terms of whom I love more.*

But I won’t name which children.

That’s just rude.

And off-topic.

So if there is a load of laundry from the night before, the clothes are probably stinky. I hate it when I forget to make the transfer. I don’t know about you, but my machine stinks if wet clothes are left in it all night. Ew.

Of course my children usually stink at one time or another during any given day, and they talk back WAY more than my washer, so the status of my laundry machine continues to stand right in between two of the three boys.

I think red wine rates in there somewhere too, actually…

Anyhoo… laundry.

If clothes are still in the laundry machine, this means most likely that there are still clothes in the dryer. So I have to start the dryer to get the wrinkles out of the dry clothes so I can make the transfer of wet clothes into the dryer after I take the dry clothes out. With me so far?

Simple, right?

Okay, so I have a load of dry warm clean clothes on my dryer. The other clothes have been rinsed (because they were stinky) and placed into the dryer.

NOW I’m ready to put in a load of clothes.

I do it. Easy Peasy. No brainer. Done.

I grab the dry clothes to take up to my room so I can sort and put them all away.

And then the phone rings or someone is yelling at me or I see dirty dishes in the sink that need to be taken care of…

I swear I think I have ‘Cleaning ADD’.

I don’t mean to make fun of anyone actually suffering from ADD. But I just don’t know what else to call this attention deficit I seem to have when it comes to chores and cleaning.

I’ll jump from one thing to another and never really seem to accomplish or finish much.

If anyone knows the proper term for this, please pass it on to me. I know there’s some technical phrase for this. I know I can’t be the only one suffering from this affliction. We need to bring this malady into the light and make it okay for people to talk about. Strength in numbers. I’m thinking of doing a telethon to raise awareness… once I know what it’s called…

So I’m already at step three. Clothes are upstairs, dumped on the bed and I’m off answering the door or cleaning spilled milk or feeding a cat or some such nonsense.

I’ll remember about the laundry though, don’t you worry.

Around 10:00 pm.

When it’s time for bed and I’m so bone-tired I just want to crawl into bed and rest my weary body.

But there’s a load of crap on my bed, deterring me from the rest I so badly crave and need…

So it sometimes gets dumped.

On the floor.

I’m not proud. I’m just being honest.

That’s right. Clean clothes on the floor.

And while you’re at it rolling your eyes, why don’t I throw a cherry on top of this sundae of horror?

What do I do the next day while rooting through that same pile, looking for the pants I was sure I cleaned the day before?

I curse and swear about never being able to find anything.

And then when I do find it (usually on the floor of the closet from hell), I go downstairs and throw it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out.

And lo and behold! There’s a load of laundry sitting there in the dryer.

And there’s wet laundry in the washer.

From the day before.

And like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives…

*NOTE:  it was my spell check that inserted ‘whom’ during the body of this post. And I for one, think I’m going to start using more in everyday conversations! I invite you to join me and sound like a hoity toity poop too!


4 thoughts on “Making a Molehill Out of a Mountain

  1. The difference between who and whom is that one is subjective and one is objective. Bailey has the same disease, so if you have a telethon we’ll donate!

  2. I really believe that you got more of my genes than your Mother’s!!

    • I think I agree, Jean! In fact, some nights I find I magically have to pee when it comes time to do the dishes… oh yes, I’ve heard that story once or twice! 🙂

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