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Losing It


Oh my aching body…  what a busy day I’ve had!

First we had an epic battle with the boys this morning. Surprise surprise. This time it was because no one seems to know where their rain jackets are.

And June in Calgary is apparently monsoon season. I knew we had rainy days in June – and May. In fact, I can count on one hand how many of my birthdays (which fall in May) were actually sunny. And at my age, that means a LOT of rainy days. But it has been crazy around here for the rain.

Must be outdoor soccer season…

So not only were we looking high and low for rain jackets… actually, I need to correct that. I didn’t really look anywhere for rain jackets today. I knew we don’t have any in the house. We went through this on Friday, so instead I threw hoodies at all of the boys this morning and prayed to the sun god that he would favour my children and keep them dry for most of the day today.

And knowing that I don’t have rain jackets during the rainy season in Calgary, do you think I went out to the store over the weekend to buy some gear for these boys? Nope. I went shopping for myself instead.

And I’m about to go on a huge tangent here, but I have to tell you about this crazy deal I got the other day at the store!!

First though, a bit of background – in a previous post I mentioned that I had blown out my jeans. Again. And that I have a bit of a checkered past when it comes to my jeans and me… embarrassing moments I’d rather not re-live, but for the sake of humour, I wrote it out for the two people who read my blog! Check my post history for details.

Actually – I’ll give you a freebie not mentioned in the previous post.

One time a friend of mine and I were climbing a chain link fence. It was only about waist-high, but me being so very un-graceful got caught on it. Actually, my jeans got caught on it. At the top. And ripped. So basically I was hanging there, dangling there. From my jeans. That had ripped from the bottom of my bum, to the top of my bum. Yes that’s right. My undies were on display. Did I mention there was a busy street behind me? Maybe not too busy… but busy enough when your ginch is hanging out for all to see!

Fast forward to present day… ish… this was actually a couple of days ago. Doesn’t matter. I’m moving on with the story.

So I go looking for new jeans – which I have actually been on the lookout for. But no luck at ALL lately, so I’ve been confining myself to yoga pants – which I feel so silly calling them that. Not like I do yoga. Or anything even resembling exercise for that matter.

I’m at the store – I pick up two pairs of jeans. They fit okay as in the muffin top is not too bad. One pair is really ‘mom-jeanish’. High waist – and not in a sexy Jessica Simpson way. But they were long enough (which is rare at 5′ 9″) and they really did camoflauge the tummy zone. $25 for one pair. $21 for the other pair. Mom jeans or not – I can’t pass up that deal!

At this point, I’m not spending money, I’m saving it, right?

And then I pick up a cheapy shirt too for $15.

I go to pay and the total (drum roll please) was $21!!!


I couldn’t believe it! So I took it and ran (paid first, then ran).

Now I know where my clothes are most of the time. I can find my own rain jacket and running shoes and ginch and socks and even my favourite hat from time to time. I think I deserve a new item every now and again.

But the boys? Lost their frigging rain gear? Seriously? They can suffer!

Kinda like how the oldest has a folder for school. I sent him to class with a new one after the previous one ripped – very durable, not bad-looking. It took the boy two days to rip it. I swear he took scissors to it, the little poop. So why in the world would I buy him anything else?

It is soooo frustrating to have them not pay any attention to things like that.

Where in the world could these rain jackets be?

Actually, you know what? I’m kind of worried, because I’m giving these boys such a hard time about not taking care of their possessions and losing things and forgetting stuff… I’m worried I might have actually left their jackets in our trailer at the campsite…. but shhhh. Don’t tell them.

I have a plan in place where we’ll head to the trailer over the long weekend and then if the jackets are actually there, I’ll stow them away until the kids are out of the immediate vicinity and then stuff the jackets under their seats in the van or something. And then you know what I’ll say?

“Geez, guys – your jackets have been in the van all along? You’ve looked here! What are you thinking? Open your eyes! I can’t believe it, etc., etc.”

I live for this stuff.

And I kinda have to go that route anyway. There’s no way I want these guys having any ammunition against me. I’m never wrong – I’m Mom, right? Nothing worse than yelling at the kids for something and then having to go back on it because you’re wrong.

But at least I apologize to them. When I’m wrong – and they’re very quick to point out if and when I am. In fact, they must get that from their father…

But apologizing when you’re wrong – that’s something I don’t remember my mom ever doing to me. She was never wrong, she never said sorry for anything. I don’t really want to be like that. I make a bunch of mistakes and I don’t expect these guys to be perfect… I just want them to remember things once in a while.

Like water bottles. Granted, the days have NOT been that warm lately, but we are almost into full-blown summer here. And even in the winter months, our school encourages all students to come to school with a water bottle. Think I can get these guys to do that?

And I cater to this particular need. I make it soooo easy for them. I mean, the bottles are in a cupboard at ‘kid height’, the water is fresh & cold in the fridge… seriously? How can you not remember this? So I’ve started telling them once (or three times – who’s counting) and then if they don’t listen, I’m really trying hard to leave it and they can suffer if they can’t get their stuff together.

Think they’ve learned anything? Even today after school where the two youngest were on me about heading home RIGHT NOW because they were SOOO thirsty, they were just DYING….

I tried to use that situation as a learning moment… but I think it was lost on them.

It kinda went like this, “Geez guys, what are you thinking? It’s hot – how many times do I have to say it? I told you this morning, get your water bottles, but did you listen? Noooo…”

Can’t imagine why they wouldn’t pay attention and retain these little life lessons… couldn’t be my ‘I told you so’ nagging, could it?

Seriously though, I think all potential for learning has gone out the window and their brains are pretty much oozing out of their ears at this point in the game.

The last week of school. They are seriously being tortured and they just don’t give a crap anymore. They want it done. As do I.

I just hope concentration, manners and listening return before June 28.

I really hope the rain jackets return too.



2 thoughts on “Losing It

  1. LMAO!!! It took me about 10 minutes to stop laughing long enough to continue reading past the chain link fence part….. oh my God….. I’m still having issues typing here….. phew…. only you…… 🙂

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