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Momma Bird Is Mad…


That’s right. I’m mad. I’m so mad right now. And I know I’ll probably regret posting this while I’m so angry, but I need to vent.

I hate when things are unfair and it is so blatantly obvious, that even my 8 year old gets it.

Poor guy. He’s been having a horrible year at school. He’s been misbehaving, acting up, being goofy, and not listening.

He HATES school. But what do you do?

It’s the law, I tell him.

Plus, I like getting rid of him for the day.

Those teachers are goddesses. I don’t know how they do it. I really really don’t.

But oh man, how many times have I been in that principal’s office with him? And he’s gone there a few times without me too.

He’s no innocent, that’s for sure.

And if he acts up, I’m sooo on the side of the teacher and principal and school. There’s a time and a place for goofing off and school is not it.

And then what about the times when he is sent to the principal’s office for something he didn’t do?

A few months ago, a girl in class told the substitute teacher he had scratched another girl. Immediately, he was sent to the office.

First of all, the sub should be able to figure this one out on her own, I’m thinking. But hey, I’m not a substitute teacher – and I don’t think I would ever wanna be. So I’m gonna let this go.

Until I hear that he didn’t do it.

In fact, the girl who was supposedly scratched, didn’t tell on him, and didn’t even remember how she was scratched… so… was he apologized to? And what happened to that tattle-tail?

Let’s rewind a bit to a class where my middle boy, in grade one, tells a lie to his teacher about a little girl stealing candy. The teacher finds out that he is lying and he is sent to the principal.

You betcha! I’m so on teacher’s side for that one. Throw the book at him.

So why didn’t that happen to this other little girl in grade three? The grade one class is getting it. Why not the older kids?

Is it because they figure it’s that Pigeon kid and he’s been in the office before anyway and what does it matter?

I’m starting to wonder.

I was at the school today to say farewell to my oldest boy’s teacher. She had her last day today – she’s prego, doctor’s orders. And for the rest of the year, there is a substitute teacher coming in.

So I’m in the field, talking to some other moms. The kids are in the field, playing Capture the Flag. Other classes are out there too.

All of a sudden I see my oldest pulled aside from his game by the principal and his teacher. I figured he must have been acting up (again) and was getting told what for. So I stayed out of it and figured they could handle it and I would just have a chat with my little Pigeon on the way home.

I asked him what the chat was for and he said they were telling him to behave for the substitute and be good until the end of school otherwise he wouldn’t be involved in any of the field trips or parties happening in the next week.

And you know what? I called him out on that one. I didn’t believe him.

He had to be doing something to be pulled away from his friends – and in front of his friends – by the principal. He must have been acting up or being rough… why was he telling me stories?

So I told him I believed him… and ended up emailing his teacher and the principal to find out what really happened.

Guess what? That’s exactly why they talked to him today.

Not because he was doing anything wrong, but just to warn him.

In case he got any ideas…


I’m standing right there and you pull my son away from his friends and talk to him about that?

Was anyone else pulled away and talked to?

That’s the next question I had for my principal. I’m currently waiting for an email reply.

Makes me think back to when he was in kindergarten and taking the bus to and from school.

He was accused way back then of punching a girl in the stomach and was told he would not be allowed to play at recess for a week and instead would have to walk around the school with a teacher supervising him while everyone else ran and jumped and played…

Turns out it wasn’t him.

The girl had the wrong kid.

Good thing I dug a bit into the situation and asked some questions. Otherwise, it would have ended up with him slinking around the school with a teacher escort.

This also makes me think of earlier this year when the kids were having swimming lessons at a pool.

I’m telling you this story now so you don’t think my child is an innocent or that I even think for a second that he is.

He dialed 911 from the payphone. And yup, the police came.

Did I mention I was there at that time too?

I was helping kids get dressed in the dressing room.

And he was in the lobby, fooling with the payphone.

So he missed out on the rest of his swimming lessons after that.

Which I paid for.

But hey, you do the crime, you do the time.

And I don’t mean to snipe about our school. And definitely not the teachers. I love teachers. They are with my children all day! They actually teach them things! And they get paid peanuts for such an incredibly important job.

I side with them. And I’ll love them even more when they take my children away from me again in September!

But right now, I’m a little chapped with what is going on.

And I know I should not post this and just erase this rant.

Because it’ll be better in my mind tomorrow. And I’ll probably regret this vent.

But what will it look like for him at the end of the summer when grade four starts up?

I guess it’s up to my boy… or I’d like to think it is…


4 thoughts on “Momma Bird Is Mad…

  1. Hey T-Bird,
    No need to regret…good rant! 😉

    • Thanks, C! I really appreciate the comment – especially coming from a self professed ‘mean ole teacher’ like yourself! 🙂
      I was hoping you wouldn’t think I’m trying to defend everything J does. I know he’s no angel – by any stretch.
      But it seems that sometimes the poor kid isn’t even given a chance.

  2. WTF???Who’s this guy think he is?? I agree if they did something punish them, but to punish before something happens?? again WTF?? Sounds like this guy needs a talking to!! I volunteer!

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