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I might be an addictive personality. Seriously.

And I’m not just talking about the red wine here. Hell, that’s just me, shifting to survival mode. That has nothing to do with wanting it – it is just necessity some days.

Yes, I’m being flippant.

In fact, this whole rant will be flippant. Prepare.

I’m addicted. That’s right. To my e-reader.

Oh gawd, how I love it.

Actually, I’m not sure whether I love my e-reader (which, by the way, is a rocking Kobo and was a loving anniversary gift from my loving hubby) or just the book series I’m reading.

I can’t get enough of True Blood (hello, Team Eric here). And now I’m reading the books the TV show was based on.

It makes the commute to work soooo much easier in the mornings. And afternoons.

Except for the other day. I got on the wrong train.

It was an exciting part in the book – you know… ‘his smoldering eyes, his hands, his lips…’ blah blah blah…

So I hopped on the wrong train and it took about five stops for me to realize I was headed WAY off course from my home!

Honest mistake. It was the Kobo. Or the book. It was the book…. ooooh…. I love the trashiness of it all…

Then again, I kinda miss out on people watching.

Another thing I’m absolutely addicted to.

I could watch people all day long. Short, tall, big, thin, male, female… at the mall, on the train, at a restaurant, at a game, on the street, at the school… is this starting to sound like a Dr. Seuss book?

Voyeuristic? I guess so. Beats having to do other things. Like thinking of all the things needing to be done when I get home… then again, I am in no way addicted to watching crazy guy across from me on the train pick his nose when he thinks no one is watching.

Here’s a tip, dude. It is rush hour. The train is packed. You don’t have a force field around you making you invisible. That’s right. I see you digging for gold, my friend.

That’s actually something I don’t want to watch.

Another thing I don’t want to watch?

The two teenage girls giggling, gasping and ‘oh-my-gawding’ three seats away from me.

I mean, yes. I was once a teenage girl. And I did the whole giggle and screech thing. But when I did it, it was cool, man.

Now it’s just annoying.

I’m sure I wasn’t like that…. not me…

Another addiction? Oh TV shows of course. I mentioned True Blood. Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family are in the mix.

This means I’m also a little addicted to my PVR. Best invention EVER.


Oh, the TV shows I missed back in the pre-PVR days.

Not that my life revolves around TV. But when the boys are all in bed, this is my treat after a long day. Sit on my ass and let my brain slow down to an almost catatonic state. Drooling may sometimes occur (I think my wine glass usually camouflages this though)…

Another addiction? Hubby would be the first to pipe up and say Facebook. Damn Facebook. I spend way too much time on there.

I’d probably enjoy FB more if they would stop with the changes to FB! Enough ‘updates’ already, sheesh! Facebook doesn’t even resemble Facebook anymore!

And now, on a more personal note – an addiction of mine that’s a little closer to home;

Cuddling my boys. Hugs, kisses, high fives, laughing with my boys and just hanging with them. That’s another addiction.

But only when they aren’t fighting with each other.

Or arguing with me.

Or making a mess. Or whining, complaining, crying, groaning, grunting, sighing, rolling their eyes, stomping their feet or slamming doors…

Which brings me back to wine.

I’ve actually asked Santa for a smart-phone this year for Christmas. My old flip phone is too old for us to replace its batteries in our own frigging country. Can you believe it? We had to order out of the country for my new battery.

Me thinks it’s time for an upgrade.

But I’m worried. I’m scared.

Will I turn into one of those zombified people staring at a mini-screen, tick-tap-ticking messages to space and who knows what else?

Yes. Most likely.

I’ll be one of those people who misses half the conversation because I’m too busy texting someone. Or checking an ‘app’ or playing a game, or scrolling through Facebook.

Kinda like my husband. No offense dear, but it is so true and you know it. You’re probably reading this on your phone right now!

I’m not complaining…. Except when I’m the one having a conversation with you and you don’t even know it. Then yes, I’m complaining…

And when the kids are talking to you and you don’t hear a thing they say.

Or your folks are having a one-sided conversation with you, and you’re on your phone.

Other than that, no complaining here.

I’m just saying I’ll be the same way.

Instead of game scores, I’ll be searching recipes. Emailing friends, scrolling through YouTube, and of course updating my blog… or getting the latest updates on the Walking Dead (another addiction – it freaks me out so much, but I can’t stop watching it… at least until season-two started…)

I’ve been a pretty darn good girl this year. So I’ve got this phone thing in the bag.

So since Santa will most likely be delivering the goods in just over a month, I’d better get my affairs in order before December 25th. And I’ll bond with my children now while I still have an attention span.


2 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Can’t wait!!!

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