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Time to Grow a Pair…


Time to man up.

That’s what I was told by my hubby and I think it might be true.

We took the two oldest inline-skating last night.

They had a blast! They’ve been skating in gym class this week and this isn’t their first time on skates, so they did a super job (proud Momma moment). All three of them whizzed through the gym like crazy. It was so fun to watch.

‘Watch’ being the operative word.

I’m no longer a strong skater and that’s putting it mildly.

I used to be in figure skating as a kid.

And then the jumps started.

I decided to drop out before they got too dangerous and scary.

Theme of my life!

Now I barely get out on the ice with the boys because I’m so nervous I’ll fall and break something. Like a wrist or a hip!

And we even live in a lake community. So if I’m not afraid of falling on the ice and breaking something, sometimes I’m actually afraid of falling through the ice!

So inline. Right up my alley? I think not.

We went to the same roller-skating joint that has been in Calgary for what we estimate to be around 50 years.

My best friend’s parents met there! I love that story! That they actually met in a place we all know and have been to.

And may I say, I don’t think the decor has changed much in at least the last forty years.

The last time I was at Lloyd’s Roller Rink, I think I was in junior high. Joan Jett was belting out that she wants you to put another dime in the jukebox, baby, because she just loves rock and roll.

We did ‘shoot the duck’ and I never ever won a prize for that one because I could never get down low enough or keep my leg raised long enough.

Ah, memories.

Hubby told me Lloyd’s was the place to be if you were a Northie.

Calgary is kinda divided into South and North.

And East and West, if you want to get picky.

But in my story, we’re sticking to North – where hubby grew up. And South – where I grew up.

When hubby was a young whipper snapper, he and his friends never wanted to go to Rollercade… at least I think that’s the name of the place in North Calgary. Sometimes he talks and I forget certain key points. Either that or I zone out a bit.

Don’t judge. As if he never does that to me! Did you read my post about addiction to phones?

I rest my case.

Besides, it was loud last night when we were reminiscing as we watched the boys skate around and around. I might have missed some vital information he shared with me while dancing in my seat to ‘Sexy and I Know It’.

Stupid song. Love love love it.

Anyhoo, hubby said that next time we head to Lloyd’s; he’s going out there with the boys.

And if this turns into something they absolutely love, we’ll be getting them their own rollerblades and pads and they can go out there and sweat to their heart’s content.

And what will I be doing?

Well, for one thing, Lloyd’s doesn’t serve booze. So that got me thinking that it sure makes for a long afternoon, just sitting there watching your child go in circles and making funny faces every time they pass by you… and being sober.

You can only do that for so long.

So what’s my other choice? Get on out there and participate.

First I need a helmet.


Can’t I just be one of those parents that sits and watches?

The thing is, I could definitely use the exercise.

But I personally prefer the kind of exercise where the chances of falling on my skull are slim to none.

Of course if you’ve seen my coordination and my copious amounts of grace, that pretty much leaves me with walking… carefully…

Did I mention that all the other parents were up there, skating away?

Uh oh. Feeling peer pressure. Just like back in the good-old junior high days.

Maybe it’s Lloyds.

Maybe it’s that place, dredging up old memories of insecurity and all the other baggage a typical tween carries with them… wondering if my shirt is cool enough to be wearing in public and if I’m funny enough for my friends to like me for one more day and if that cute boy over there is looking at me and if I have enough money to buy a pop and if the DJ will play the song I requested and if maybe this time I’ll be able to keep my leg up long enough to win the shoot-the-duck contest…

Or maybe I just need to suck it up and stop being scared of hurting myself and looking like a fool out on the floor.

In the immortal words of Pit-bull, in that little ditty with Jennifer Lopez;

“I get on the floor and act a fool if you let me”

Or in my case, I’d just be happy to stay vertical.

But my boys are active and into activities like skating.

It is a wonderful thing to spend the afternoon outside with my kids at the lake – and in the summer, I have a blast.

In the winter I want to go out and skate with them and not worry about falling on my ass. And I do go. I just look like a 90 year old lady out there, wobbling around, trying not to fall and freaking out anytime one of my boys skates by me. Which they love, of course.

I’d like to go skiing with them. Another activity they’re starting to get into. And snowboarding. I think I draw the line there.

Actually, I think I draw the line at skiing.

I’ll be the one on the bunny hill with the preschoolers because I haven’t skied since grade six and I’m deathly afraid of heights.

So do I step out of my comfort zone and join in?

Or do I stay in the lodge with a hot toddy, taking pictures and video and being a proud (and un-injured) Momma Bird?

Sooner or later I know I’ll have to suck it up. And I know I’ll be scared witless.

I’ll probably do some lessons and feel like a cheeseball. But maybe I can improve… and instead of a wimpy, whiny, giggly, scared wisp of myself, maybe I could actually look like MOM in front of my fearless boys.

Maybe it could be a learning lesson for all of us. Something along the lines of, ‘you CAN teach an old dog new tricks…’

And seriously, if this issue of mine comes down to just being prideful and worrying about what other people think of me, I need to kick myself and remember; I left my pride and discretion it in the delivery room almost a decade ago when everyone but the janitor needed to take a look at my hoo-hoo.

Time to suck it up and actually get off the sidelines and involve myself in my kids’ activities….

On the other hand… the hot toddy sounds good too.

Maybe I’ll have one of those while I think this through again…


6 thoughts on “Time to Grow a Pair…

  1. STEP OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE!! Who knows maybe you’ll like it! 🙂 You have mom and dad’s athletic ability somewhere in you, I know you do, I’ve seen it come out! My opinion is if you do it a few times, you’ll get good at it and really enjoy it…. I like to think I kinda know you…. 🙂

    Oh, btw….Stuart Barton and I got beat up badly at Lloyds in 91…. haven’t been back since! LOL!!…. stupid Lloyds….

  2. I said Rollerland, weren’t you listening?

  3. Oh man….the best part of my grade six year. Going to the roller rink in Red Deer on Saturdays. Skating to “My Sharona” and Michael Jackson, and Devo. Slow skating at the end with a cute girl to “Babe” by Styx…

    Thanks for taking me back to that! Real fond memories!

  4. Ah the good old days, when Dave and I could walk to Caesar’s Palace beside Fairview. That was late ’70s though when roller disco was king.

    • My oldest was telling his teacher about our experience at the roller rink and according to him, the whole disco/rollerskating thing was a craze in the ’80’s & ’90’s.
      And then when we got home I kicked him.
      Just kidding… ish…

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