Musings about life in the Pigeon household

Ho Ho… Hell


We’re sure it’s almost here, right?

Christmas. Just around the corner is what I’m hearing.

Were the kids informed? Are they aware of this impending holiday?

I was sure they knew. And I’m positive they have an inkling about Santa watching their behaviour.

And the consequences if they aren’t good little boys.


I coulda sworn all that was true and that in fact Christmas was on its way.

Guess I was wrong.

Otherwise I would need some sort of explanation as to why my children are absolute monsters right now.

And I mean, literally, right now. At this moment.

Driving me around the bend.

Screaming, whining, arguing, crying, stomping…

And that’s just my reaction to what’s going on in the Pigeon Coop!

No amount of threats, bribes or yelling seems to work.

The listening is atrocious around here. And my throat hurts from yelling.

I’ve tried remaining calm and that usually works, but with three boys all taking turns for my attention (and then switching gears to not paying attention at all when I need them to), ‘calm’ slips into something called ‘exasperation’ very quickly around here.

I can’t even imagine what sort of special hell their teachers are going through.

And they’re so nice about it. The ‘spirited’ child of parent/teacher interviews three weeks ago has morphed into being a bit of ‘a struggle’…

They are so politically correct! They must curse the Pigeons boys when they go home at night…

I’ve had an email in the past week about the middle one not listening and being too hyped up on the spirit of the season to sit still in class.

And then the oldest one had his teacher walk him out of the school to come talk to me the other day.

That was a special little gift for Momma Bird.

Not like any of their antics were that bad or out of the ordinary. But when you’re trying to control and actually teach 20+ kids day-to-day… let’s just say I can’t (or shouldn’t) complain about only having three of them nights and weekends!

Well, I’d love to sit and write a whole novella about my children’s’ behaviour, but I gotta quickly clean this sty of a house before running out for very lavish teacher gifts!

Would wine and chocolate be inappropriate?

Seriously though, with all my griping and complaining, I am actually really looking forward to spending time with my three ankle-biters. That’s what Christmas is all about! Creating wonderful memories with family to last throughout the years.

Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Only until it runs out and then I’m switching to the red.

Hope everyone has a very special and relaxing holiday with family and friends!

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012!


2 thoughts on “Ho Ho… Hell

  1. I just saw the weather on CNN, enjoy the snow in California! The best kind of shadenfreude (insert evil laugh)! All kids are crazy the last two weeks before xmas, it’s a well documented fact. it just prooves that yours are normal. Ho ho ho and all that crap, to you guys as well.

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